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Some klicks to some interesting places in world wide web - try it! we show you thousands of private pics of people tying up each other, playing with handcuffs, wrestling in a friendly way or having tickle fights. Some more try out pillories and stock in their hollidays, we call it “babes in wood” When you click fire on you can see all updates as preview pics without username and password in whats new area. To see pics in larger size at their home in original url you need access to members area.

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Want to get access for free? You can send us pictures of your own - pictures of playful tying up, handcuffing, tickling, or wrestling - and give us permission to publish them on this site, and we will give you free access. The better the pictures, or the more pictures you send, the longer your free account will be active.


Remember however, that the mood of the pictures must be light-hearted, innocent fun. That means no cruelty, no meanspiritedness, and no sexuality.


So what are you waiting for? Send in your pics! :)

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